Local Leaders Needed!

October 3, 2023

When it comes to economic growth, I often hear leaders say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” In other words, when our economy expands, they reason, everyone does better. That would be true if we were living in a society where everything is equal. But we don’t, at least not yet. We live in a society where ideas, innovation and competition are supposed to be the drivers of individual success. More successful privately owned businesses equals more local tax revenue which can be used to ensure the services critical to business success can be supplied by the local government: roads, utilities, communications, etc.. Following such a model even helps those who are not business owners by holding down borrowing and interest costs by the local government because the local tax base is healthy.

In various communities around Rock County, there are initiatives that claim to “raise all boats.” The problem, of course, is that these leaders have tunnel vision. They see the tide level and believe the higher it goes, the better everyone is. What they ignore is the fact that all the boats are different sizes and ages. If a smaller boat has a shorter anchor line … a rising tide may be very detrimental. If a large yacht is moored under cover, the rising tide may cause damage to the structure.

In truth, government at all levels need to get out of the way of business and quit trying to sell us the advantages of using tax dollars to pick winners and losers in the business environment in order to attempt to ‘raise all the boats’.

Today, the argument for creating TIF districts and bonding to support private entities is labelled necessary to compete with other communities because “everybody is doing it”. My mom would be asking if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

If you believe your local, state and/or federal government is no longer representative, it is time to be a changemaker. We need to encourage participation in elections at every level. We need to stop electing powerful and popular candidates in favor of candidates who profess to have a true vision of stewardship and service.

People follow good leaders willingly. If that’s not how you feel about your elected officials, it’s time to put candidates on the ballot who can put forth policies that constituents want to follow, not ones that people feel they have no choice but to follow.

December 1 is the first day to circulate nomination papers for this spring’s election. It’s our chance to encourage candidates who care less about the water level, and more about the opportunity for us all to choose the type of boat we want to sail in.

Are you willing to lead, or know of someone willing to do so? The Rock County First Political Fund is equipped to help new candidates considering a run for local office. The election is next April but planning starts NOW! Here is how RCF PF can help. Click HERE.

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Announcing the new and improved Spring Election Hub. The RCF Political Fund (RCFPF) has created a single destination for all important information related to the April 2nd election. Here you can find key dates, the RCFPF Spring Voter Guide with all endorsed candidates, six ways to "make a difference" in this Spring election, and an FAQ with key voter information. This is a great destination to share with friends and family so they can be informed as well. The Spring Election Hub is located on the menu at the top of the page
Six Ways to Make a Difference in YOUR Community

Six Ways to Make a Difference in YOUR Community

You can make a difference in your local community, and the Rock County First Political Fund is here to help! The important Spring election is April 2nd, and you will help make it a success! Here are six ways to play! 1. Sign up for RCF Political Fund Super Saturday door-knocking events - March 23 and 30 2. Share important educational and financial freedom issues with family and friends, such as information on Rock County property taxes and school districts 3. VOTE, encourage others to vote in April 2nd election; & share important voter information. Print and share the Spring Voter Guide, & take to the polls (available on or by March 6) 4. Support your local candidates by volunteering or donating to their campaigns 5. Come meet the endorsed candidates in Beloit (March 6) or Janesville (March 13) 6. Stay in touch with RCF, & informed about the election by signing up for e-updates
Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

As Americans, we value our freedoms. Events in recent history often cause us to fear that those freedoms granted to us in the Constitution could be limited by the wealthy and powerful forces in our government. But the national policy discussions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to freedom.