Watchdog Workgroup

The Watchdog workgroup researches various local government related topics. They observe the governing activities of local governmental bodies.

The Watchdogs interact with local elected officials on key issues, topics and Resolutions. Taxpayers deserve a responsible and accountable local government.

The Watchdog group is responsible for creating education-based content and sharing the subject matter with the public and local elected officials.

RCF provides a framework and direction to successfully target interactions with local school boards, municipalities, and other governmental bodies. Once you learn, practice, and feel confident in your new skills, you may consider building your own team of local volunteers to hold local entities accountable, otherwise known as ‘Accountability Teams.’

Our Mission

Teach Rock County citizens how to hold the government accountable to the governed.

To comprehensively research and provide accurate information to the Rock County community (citizens and elected officials) via education and advocacy. To preserve the freedom and liberty of Rock County citizens by using a common sense approach to topics overseen by local government officials.

Volunteer Roles

The Watchdog workgroup has three main roles for volunteers.


Volunteer researchers investigate the agendas of local boards, committees, including ad hoc topics. The collection and study of materials is generally accomplished at home via computer Internet searches.


Volunteer watchers attend in-person or online board meetings to note the discussion of key topics. They identify essential points and opinions, record votes and share the information with others in the workgroup in order to develop an appropriate plan of action.


Influencers are people that speak at board meetings during public comment, write letters-to-the-editor and contact local elected officials on matters of importance.

Volunteer Opportunities

Local communities in Rock County provide many opportunities for you to offer your services in one of three volunteer roles and/or to build an Accountability Team.

RCF is eager to help you start. We are also interested in finding a role that best fits your interests, skills, talents, and availability.

Many hands make light work

More volunteers equals a greater positive impact on local Rock County communities.

Watchdog Workgroup Examples

Visit the Media and Resources pages of the RCF website to see examples of this workgroup’s work.

Send Community Topics

If you think the Watchdog group should research further to this email address: