"Freedom is not only bought with a great price; it is maintained by unremitting effort."

- Calvin Coolidge

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Civically Disengaged Citizens Endanger Liberty

Civically Disengaged Citizens Endanger Liberty

In James Fenimore Cooper’s, The American Democrat, he writes, “The most insidious attacks are made on [liberty] by those who are the largest trustees of authority in efforts to increase their power.”  Like many Americans that grew up in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s we...

We Are Rock County First! Guided by Liberty, we empower citizens to hold their local governments accountable to the governed. Our civic engagement, training and education workgroups help citizens succeed in shaping the government which represents the community they desire.

Our members are motivated by a common desire to serve our Rock County, Wisconsin community. We believe local government has a profound effect on individual civil liberties and can impinge the exercise of personal freedoms. Whether it is overburdensome taxation, personal property rights, or protection of our Constitutionally protected Bill of Rights, our Supporters strive to ensure our locally elected representatives are responsible to us, We the People.

Rock County First (RCF) is a non-partisan, civic organization. We are interested in holding local governments to high standards of performance.

RCF endeavors to support our local governments in remaining effective and accountable to the citizens of Rock County, WI. Thomas Jefferson said it best, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

Putting Rock County First

Our volunteer-led workgroups are key to our performance and achievements by providing education, support and accountability. Members are encouraged to lend their talents to one or more of the workgroups.

The Recruit and Retain workgroup of Rock County First uses a variety of marketing methods and tools to draw in new supporters of RCF.

Recruit & Retain Workgroup

The Recruit and Retain workgroup focuses on growing the membership of Rock County First. These talented go-getters use a variety of marketing techniques and tools to attract like-minded community members to share in the mission and vision of Rock County First.

The Watchdog workgroup researches, and educates citizens on issues and policy.

Watchdog Workgroup

The Watchdogs are charged with creating policy action plans based upon sound research; the Watchdogs investigate. They follow press releases and news articles, attend board and council meetings, and monitor local elections for Rock County municipalities.

The Candidate & Campaign workgroup recruits, trains, and provides support to local candidates.

Candidate & Campaign Workgroup

The Candidate & Campaign workgroup recruits, educates, trains, and provides support to citizens interested in running for a non-partisan local office; but who lack experience and are unsure of where or how to start.

Gather Together

At Sidelines Bar and Grill

Gathering every 2nd Wednesday
731 Wuthering Hills Dr, Janesville
4th Wednesdays are reserved for our workgroups To join a workgroup, please email [email protected]


Connect with us online! Find important information here on our website, and connect with other RCF supporters on Facebook and Twitter. If you have questions, please send us an email.

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Now, more than ever, citizens must stand up and take back control of their local governments. We must hold our local representatives accountable and maintain our freedoms and prosperity in Rock County.

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