Candidate and Campaign Workgroup

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The Spring 2023 election:

The RCF endorsed candidates – coming soon!

This workgroup is run and managed by the RCF Political Fund. The RCF-PF is an independent expenditure organization which allows for the endorsement and support of a slate of RCF-PF endorsed local (non-partisan) candidates.

The Candidate and Campaign Workgroup recruits, endorses, promotes and helps in the achievement of RCF-PF endorsed candidates winning in the Spring Elections. This is an ongoing, annual process. Rock County non-partisan elections include the Rock County Board of Supervisors, local school, city, town and village boards.

Our Mission

The Candidate and Campaign workgroup recruits candidates and support staff for the non-partisan Spring election.

  • Recruit, train and endorse citizens interested in running for non-partisan seats in each Spring Election.
  • Develop a sustainable election cycle recruitment and training process. Success is measured by the election of RCF-PF endorsed candidates.

Volunteer roles and opportunities

Please reach out to the C&C Workgroup for information on how to get involved.

  • Everyone is welcome to assist the C&C Workgroup in identifying and approaching individuals with qualities commensurate to serving in public office.
  • Please contact the C&C Workgroup for a list of expectations and objectives required to run for local office. C&C is happy to discuss, provide education and answer questions of anyone seeking to become a candidate.
  • The few months prior to the Spring Election is the busiest, requiring high engagement from Supporters. Volunteers are needed to help ‘get out the vote’ (GOTV). Volunteers are necessary to fill roles, ‘behind the scenes’ and in public to promoting the RCF-PF slate of local candidates.

If you are interested in running for local office and have questions or need guidance, or if you would like to support an RCF-PF endorsed candidate get elected, complete the RCF-PF contact form below.

RCF-PF Contact Form


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