To achieve our Mission, we are organized into three volunteer-led workgroups.

We will match your interests, skills and availability to the opportunities that present across Rock County. We recognize your time is valuable and support you in working through volunteer activities at your own pace.

The Recruit and Retain workgroup of Rock County First uses a variety of marketing methods and tools to draw in new supporters of RCF.

Recruit & Retain Workgroup

The Recruit and Retain workgroup focuses on growing the membership of Rock County First. These talented go-getters use a variety of marketing techniques and tools to attract like-minded community members to share in the mission and vision of Rock County First. The R&R group also specializes in introducing members to our Watchdog or Candidate workgroups and are believers in, ‘Truth is the greatest marketing campaign.” – Richie Norton
The Watchdog workgroup researches, and educates citizens on issues and policy.

Watchdog Workgroup

The Watchdogs are charged with creating policy action plans based upon sound research; the Watchdogs investigate. They follow press releases and news articles, attend board and council meetings, and monitor local elections for Rock County municipalities. Their fact finding provides a strong foundation of knowledge, which is used to drive action and enact change. Rock County boasts 29 county board seats, and dozens of municipal and school board positions. Watchdogs believe, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” – Attributed to Thomas Jefferson
The Candidate & Campaign workgroup recruits, trains, and provides support to local candidates.

Candidate & Campaign Workgroup

The Candidate & Campaign (C&C) workgroup recruits, educates, trains, and provides support to citizens interested in running for a non-partisan local office; but lack experience and are unsure of where or how to start. Types of support include hosting and attending events, knocking on doors, phone calls, letter writing campaigns, and multimedia advertising.

This group relies upon the research provided by the Watchdogs to accurately identify local issues, decipher the politics, and target seats in upcoming local elections. The C&C group also manages the RCF Political Fund endorsement process, which is linked to ‘Getting Out the Vote’ (GOTV). RCF Political Fund endorsed candidates receive promotion and assistance with their campaign. The C&C group knows that, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” – Ronald Reagan