Recruit and Retain Workgroup

Recruit and Retain volunteers focus on marketing efforts, membership, suggestions and ideas from Supporters.

The main task of this workgroup is increasing the number of RCF Supporters. Successful achievement of the RCF Mission is dependent upon a volume of people, across Rock County to share and distribute the workload.

Our Mission

“Many hands make light work.”

The Recruit and Retain workgroup grows and maintains the RCF Supporter base.

Volunteer roles and opportunities

Every RCF Supporter is automatically a volunteer member of the Recruit and Retain workgroup.

We ask Supporters to think about people in their sphere of influence (e.g., family, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, etc.). Reflect on whether the person might enjoy or benefit from civic engagement with like-minded individuals.

RCF is also in need of volunteer ‘Ambassadors’ to attend events in the local community, distribute literature, and explain the Mission of RCF. Volunteer activities vary, ask what is available and how you can help.