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Rock County School District ESSER III Audit Results

The Institute for Reforming (WI) Government (IRG) has been providing audits and leadership on how WI School Districts are spending the $1.49B of federal relief funding (known as ESSER III funding) intended to pull kids back from the brink, academically.

Proposed Milton School District referendum

The Milton School District is considering a $9.5M referendum (over 4 years) and placing this question on the April 4th ballot.

Rock County 2023 budget - Fiscal accountabiity

On November 15th 2022, the Rock County BoS’s held a board meeting to approve the 2023 county annual budget. The annual budget process is a rigorous multi-month process led by the County Administrator (Josh Smith), which culminates in the full board vote on the proposed annual budget.


How best to address Rock County's childcare needs

There is a push to allocate $3M for childcare services in Rock County but there currently is a lack of public transparency related to the Resolution, data on childcare shortages, and details on how this money would be spent.

Woodman's Sports and Convention Complex Alert

The city council still must approve the project, and it likely won’t see a more fully galvanized cost estimates until November or December.

Woodman's Sports and Convention Complex

The Janesville City Council will consider a Resolution (non-binding) at the 12-12-22 Council meeting in support of the proposed $50.3M Woodman’s Indoor Sports Complex business and potentially how much they will be willing to burden Janesville taxpayers with for the next 20+ years.

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