Our Elections

This is your destination for the upcoming elections, provided by the Rock County First Political Fund.

With more information provided on local Spring elections when non-partisan races typically happen. That is, elections for County, City, Town, Village and local School Boards.

Feel free to send a link to your friends and family so they can be informed as well

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Key Dates

  • Early In-Person Voting is March 19
  • Primary Day is February 20
  • Spring Election In-Person Voting is April 2

Find valuable election details My Vote Wisconsin

  • Voter registration status
  • Early voting hours
  • Your polling location
  • What/who is on your ballot
  • Register to vote
  • Vote by absentee mail
  • Track your ballot
  • Vote absentee in-person

How can you help ensure RCF endorsed candidates are elected into local office?

In two ways primarily.
Vote for the RCF Political Fund endorsed slate of candidates yourself, and ask others to do the same by forwarding this ‘Our Elections’ page to them.
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Contact the RCF Political Fund to find out how you can help get out the vote (GOTV) at rcfcampaign@gmail.com