Speaker and Other Websites

At our monthly RCF Supporter Meetings (e.g., monthly meetings), RCF invites speakers to share their expert knowledge and unique insights with our organization.

For your convenience, we provide links and additional resource material about our chosen speakers. On occasion, we may offer cosponsors for certain meetings. Click the link to visit the websites of invited speakers, co-sponsors and other relative community organization links.

Consistent with our mission of education, we invite guest speakers, authors, politicians, and other community leaders to share their views on a variety of topics. The opinions expressed by our guests and speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Rock County First organization, its organizers and leaders, or individual Supporters.

Feel free to send a link to your friends and family so they can be informed as well

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Freedom Project

MacIver Institute

Researcher & Author, Heather Smith

Young Americas Foundation

Former WI Governor, Scott Walker

Institute for Reforming (WI) Government

CEO, CJ Szafir & Sr. Research Director, Quinton Klabon

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty

Deputy Counsel, Luke Berg

US Conceal Carry Association

Center for Security Policy

Colonel (retired) John Mills

Other websites (and organizations) of interest

Mom's for Liberty, Rock County, WI

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