Rock County First Empowers Citizens to Demand Government Accountability

August 16, 2022


Rock County First, Inc.


Rock County, WI (August 16, 2022) – Rock County First (RCF) is a non-profit organization (501c4) in Rock  County, WI whose vision is to protect liberty and freedom in its local communities by empowering the  citizens of Rock County through education and greater government accountability. 

Last Monday, August 8th, the citizens of Rock County had their voices heard on a matter which was  important to them. Just as importantly, the County Staff Committee Chair (Rich Bostwick – District 25),  and Committee members (Supervisors: Bill Wilson – District 5, Tom Brien – District 27, Kevin Leavy – District 15, Louis Peer – District 9, J. Russell Podzilni – District 23, Alan Sweeney – District 2, Debi Towns  – District 3, Mary Beaver – District 1) listened to the citizens who overwhelmingly were against approval  of the Advisory Referendum resolution on their Committee agenda, which was offered by Supervisor  Yuri Rashkin (District 16). The Committee, after hearing the voice of the people, decided to not make a  motion to vote on or debate the resolution. Appropriately, this highly partisan resolution died in  Committee. 

If the resolution had been approved by the County Staff Committee, it would have been voted on by the  full Rock County Board. The resolution would have placed ballot referendum items on the November  general election ballot. There were seven highly partisan ballot referendum items proposed in the  resolution which ranged from gun control to abortion and the legalization of marijuana. When citizens  looked at the list of Referendum items, two things were of concern. Number one, they were highly  partisan, and Number two the County Board has zero authority or direct accountability over these highly  partisan issues. Decisions on such matters are discussed and addressed either at the Federal or State  levels, not by a non-partisan County board. 

Additionally, given the County Board did not offer a referendum on the new $96M county jail but rather  approved it themselves, which will have a significant and direct impact on the taxes of the citizens in  Rock County during the most turbulent times of this generation, citizens found it confusing the board would consider a ballot referendum on items they have zero authority or direct accountability over. 

The Rock County First Watchdog Committee assisted in alerting and informing the citizens of Rock  County about this highly partisan resolution. It was the citizens who demanded greater accountability, 

and for their action, they received it last week. We thank Chairman Bostwick and the Supervisor  members of the Committee for listening to the people. 

Rock County First is a volunteer, citizen-led non-partisan organization which empowers liberty and  freedom loving citizens of Rock County through education, organization and community knowledge  sharing. 

Citizens and Committee members gathering prior to County Staff Committee meeting on August 8th.  The room was eventually standing room only and it spilled out the two doors, into the hallway:

You can also view the press release here.

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