Rock County First Provides Much Needed Supplies To Teachers In Each District

June 3, 2022


Rock County First, Inc.


Rock County, WI (June 3, 2022) – Rock County First (RCF) is a non-profit organization (501c4) in  Rock County, WI whose vision is to protect liberty and freedom in its local communities by  empowering the citizens of Rock County through education and greater government  accountability. 

In addition to our year-round focus on local education, in May and early June RCF has renewed  its focus on fostering educational excellence in the eight local school districts in Rock County,  with a three-part educational excellence series designed to equip and educate parents and  citizens on a few of the key challenges facing today’s K-12 public education system. 

RCF coupled this educational excellence series with the well-deserved recognition of our  teachers as part of the annual Teacher Appreciation Week focus. It is well known that our  teachers are on the front lines of providing a quality education to our children. 

In recognition to their service and dedication to providing an excellent education to our  children, today RCF is announcing it has made a significant donation of critical learning supplies  to the teachers, and their students, in all eight school districts in Rock County. This is RCF’s  way to both recognize the commitment by our teachers, while providing the needed learning  supplies to their students. 

Rock County First would like to thank our teachers for their focus upon delivering a quality  education to the students of Rock County! Have a wonderful summer! 

Rock County First is a volunteer, citizen-led organization which empowers liberty and freedom  loving citizens of Rock County through education, knowledge, and support. To find out more about Rock County First visit 

You can also see the press release here.


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